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Explore the unknowns of sensational pleasure with the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity White! This uniquely designed stroker doesn’t seek to mimic anything else but stands alone in its novelty. The inner textures of the stroker are what makes it special. Made with two different molds, the Tenga White splits open with a flip function and each side is different! As you enter, two large domes on one side hold you in place as the other side offers flickering edges. As you push deeper in, a double-gated wave gate of ribs deliver ripples of stimulation with each stroke. Close to the end are multiple, fine edges of ribs that tantalize your tip as the giant gears at the deepest point seductively grip you from either side.

The outer pressure pads of the case allow you to add or decrease pressure with your own grip further making this a custom and unique experience! The case is also designed with a hinge located at the entry point to reduce any lubricant leakage and increase the vacuum seal as you pump into it! The flip style design lets it open up for easy cleaning, as well! You can rinse it out entirely with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and let it dry while hanging it on its own slide arms that become a stand for the case and stroker. One of the best perks is this is entirely reusable, too! Enjoy this experience as many times as you like! You can store it in the storage case to keep out dust and debris as well keep it locked up so no one but you can touch it! The mold itself is made of soft, firm, TPE (elastomer). The outer case is made of plastic and has silicone buttons. Only use water-based lubricants for best results.

Find yourself a comfortable place and pull down those pants. As you let your shaft get harder, grab your water-based lube and squirt some inside the Tenga itself, lubricating the stroker. Then put the rest on your shaft and slide it inside. Grip the stroker with one hand while you guide your shaft inside, enjoying the surprise of brand new sensations as you dive in deeper. Start slow, really taking in every new sensation, then let yourself speed up and pump your rod! Slow down again if you want to tease and edge yourself, or even take your shaft out and let it pulse in anticipation before popping it back inside. Pair this with your own wild imagination or watch one of your favorite adult films!

Measurements: Width 3.6 inches × Depth 3 inches × Height 8.3 inches

Materials: Elastomer, PC, GPPS, ABS, Silicone

Color: White

Note: Use only with water-based lubricant.

Key Features:

  • Uniquely Textured Tunnel: The unique insides of this tunnel grips you from either side, stimulates you at the deepest point and offers rippling sensations with each stroke all as two large domes hold your member in place!
  • Vacuum Seal: The vacuum seal offers more intense suction while you’re pumping into it and limits any lubricant leakage.
  • Flip Style with Pressure Pads: The Tenga flips open for easy cleaning of the interior. The pressure pads on the external case allow you to change pressure with your grip.
  • Clean and Reusable: After cleaning, you can let it air dry by hanging it on the slide arms to keep it off any surfaces. This lets it thoroughly dry before storing it in the storage case and reusing it again next time!
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