Spread Em Stainless Steel Poker Labia Clamp with Adjustable Pressure Screws




Master Series

Spread her lips wide with this Spread ‘Em Poker Labia Clamp! The clamps are made of durable,nickel-free, stainless steel. Feel free to use any lubricant with them and to cleanse them with boiling waterand cleaning solutions between uses without harming the device. At the top and bottom are twocompression screws that you can twist to close the clamps against the labia and cause the vulva to be ondisplay. Along each side of the clamps are rows of 4 pinch screws -also known as pressure screws- thatpoke into the tender tissue of the labia. Use the allen wrench included to adjust the pinch screws untilthey are in the right place. Make adjustments to the pinch screws before clamping down; if the labia arealready securely clamped the pinch screws will have enough pressure that each twist can potentiallydamage the tissue and nerves, so adjusting them beforehand keeps those nerves healthy so your bottomcan enjoy the full extent of feeling every time you play!

After taking a freshly cleaned clamp, take a wet towel, cloth, or wipe to her vulva as well to start fresh andclean on both ends. Put on some latex or nitrile gloves to add to the scene and give your fingers a littlemore grip as you gently rub her clitoris and stroke her labia. Once she’s warmed up, open the clamp andplace it against her vulva; take a good look and see how her labia will fit into the clamps. Take the clampand begin to open the sides by screwing the compression screws open, holding the round ball at the topand the bottom until they are evenly open. With the pinch screws all the way out so their base is flat andnot pointing or poking in, begin to place one lip into the clamp and slowly compress the clamp on that lipand then the other. Start placing with her opening and tugging gently on the clamp to see if it stays inplace. The spikes and screws help keep her from closing her legs so her vulva is on full display for you!After you’ve played a bit, remove the clamps by loosening the screws, then start to use the allen wrenchfor round two and turn the pinch screws so they poke into the space between the clamps. This time asyou place the clamps on her labia, she will feel the poking, pinching, biting pressure from the pinchscrews and the sensations will be enhanced tenfold!

Measurements: Innermost opening is 3.75 inches in length, 1.1 inches in diameter.Each side of the clamp opens to 0.6 inches in width

Materials: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel: This nickel-free, stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. It can be used with anylubricant type and can be boiled in water between uses to fully clean.
  • Adjustable Pressure: The clamps are fully adjustable. Use the compression screws at the top andbottom to adjust the position of the clamps as they press down on the labia.
  • Pinching Clamps: There are 4 pinch screws on either side of the clamps that can be adjusted usingthe allen wrench included. These add an extra bite of pressure against the labia for sadistic fun!
  • Medical Fetish: Spread those lips wide and let the Doctor examine you! This item is perfect for kinky,medical play.
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    Weight 0.43 lbs


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